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What Exactly IS HR Transformation? And What Could It Mean For YOUR Organisation?

Your ultimate guide to the not-so-quiet revolution that’s happening in workplaces throughout the UK, and internationally.

WhatExactly IS HR Transformation? And What Could It Mean For YOUR Organisation?

Your ultimate guide to the not-so-quiet revolution that’s happening in workplaces throughout the UK, and internationally.

In our fast-moving, competitive world, HR needs to deliver even more value than ever before.

As an HR Director, you’ve probably already crossed paths with the concept of HR transformation.

Over the last few years, it’s become the hot topic of the moment in human resources; no bad thing, perhaps, as it can open up meaningful conversations about progress and change.

You may even have plans to explore HR transformation on your To Do list for 2023.

Transformation Confusion?

Yet, at FiveRivers Consulting, despite our daily engagement with HR transformation and change processes, its true meaning can be lost in the fog. It’s often an over-used phrase, thus it loses its significance, and its power. And, it’s easily dilutable, becoming less effectiveness in its ubiquitous-ness. Equally, it’s a bit of a broad church, and can mean different things depending on the prism through which you view it.

But, we know this much is true: your company deserves a clear roadmap if you’re on the path towards change.

In other words, identifying what HR transformation genuinely means to your organisation, rather than to all and sundry, could shine a light on what success may start to look like.

This blog starts with a general definition, then aims to break down HR transformation into a few of its key deliverables. Plus, we’re happy to offer some high-level insights into why and how getting it right could make all the difference in your company.

What is HR Transformation?

In a nutshell, HR transformation concerns change –taking an enterprise from where it is now, to where it needs to be.

At its most basic level, it’s about uncovering the gaps and the bumps in the road that get in the way. Then, putting processes in place that smooth out the way for a faster, streamlined journey towards that attainment. At FiveRivers Consulting, we call it HR Maturity. Here, we work with our clients to rationalise, improve, and create efficiencies in HR – whatever each of these means to the department, and to the businesses they serve.

HR transformation means re-designing how HR functions, and placing it at the heart of an organisation so that you can align people-related initiatives to the company’s goals.

Our speciality is data and systems, and we support operations like yours to implement the robust technological changes that empower the use, extraction and control of data. As in: information shows you where you are.

Without essential data relating to headcount, absence, onboarding, training and employees in general, you could be leading your department with one arm behind your back.

But it’s about more than that.

Let me explain.

HR Transformation Works at Several Different Levels

Are any of the below on your radar?

·     You may be considering an organisational root and branch transformation, in which case FiveRivers Consulting can help you break down the change project as a whole into separate, easy-to-manage building blocks.

·     Perhaps you feel that specific job roles overlap, or that critical processes take twice as long as they should.

·     Alternatively, your legacy systems could be adding to the stress of a busy working day – not fit for purpose and hindering, rather than helping all and sundry in their job roles.

·     Reports are hard to extrapolate, download, analyse and distribute. Perhaps the process is manual, and therefore liable to human error.

·     Correspondingly, if we may be so bold, there maybe issues with your company culture. Not to put too fine a point on it, you may have a toxic working environment if you’re losing people. Perhaps your line managers lack the skills they need to support their staff, or certain behaviours happen “because they just do”. 

How Does an HR Audit Work?

In our opinion, acknowledging that change needs to happen isa brave next step.

Whilst gaps, holes, problems and inefficiencies may soon become evident and exposing, ultimately, you will be investing in people.And, people are, as you know, your greatest asset.

At Five Rivers, we’re unbiased. We have no agenda and no history with your business, so should you choose to engage us, we’ll approach your organisation with fresh eyes coupled with great experience and expertise. In effect, we have a blank sheet of paper.

 Your Diagnostic. Consider the following:

·     The reasons you need to make a change in HR are…what? What’s not working, or what do you think isn’t working?

·     A direct question: overall, what’s your organisation for? What does it do, and what does it want to do in the future? Do you have a clear view of your vision, mission and values?

·     Let’s examine the structure of your business, your teams and the shape of your management.

·     Your competitors – what do they do differently to you?

·     We’ll analyse your processes and job roles, potentially to invest in new technology. Implementing systems that fully support your business can lead to a more substantial, influential role for HR in the company.

·     Are you the flavour of the month? The business may perceive the HR department in a certain way. We’ll find this out, and why.

With an in-depth understanding of your company’s needs, HR transformation involves the creation of a strategic plan. Not only will it include a list of stakeholders and their roles in the process, it will also include a step-by-step guide for the entire transformation process. Not least, measurable success metrics based on your goals.

Data…is Everything

As with every major change, technology and data should be the guiding light throughout.

The right systems will streamline all your manual data processes, save time, create better candidate and employee experiences, and enable your department to hire the right people for the right job roles.

Accurate, up-to-date data offers you a clear, sharp image of your company, almost in 3-D. Examples include skills and demographics, performance data, pulse surveys, the outcomes of workforce training, and so much more.

Knowledge literally is power.

You’ll be able to identify opportunities for further activities, and crucially, measure the impact of your efforts.

Effective HR transformation can ultimately drive business results outside your department, with its powerfully positive influence reaching into every aspect of the organisation.

So, are YOU ready to start the conversation?

2023 could be your year of opportunity, and a genuine chance to re-think what you know – and what you think you know.