HR Transformation

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We support your HR transformation and other HR change projects, focussing on the alignment of your people, processes and technology.

This creates a measurable change in your organisation - it's culture and your people’s behaviours - and an environment that delivers better HR data and actionable people insights.

How does it work?

If you want to create measurable change in your business, our bespoke HR Transformation services are the option for you. We’ll help you get the best from your People, Processes, and Technology, so your company can reach its full potential.



We review the wealth of skills within your organisation, and determine how to adapt your people culture, training, and structure to better serve your needs.



We assess your current processes and help you get more out of them, from joining up legacy systems to automating your operations.


We analyse how useful your existing technology is, solve how to integrate your platforms, and create a data dashboard that will support your people decisions.

Change Management

Around 75% of all technology-related change programmes fail because of poor implementation (CIPD). Whatever transformation programme you're attempting – a new strategy, process or IT system – make it succeed by putting your people at the heart of it.If your people don’t buy in to your rationale for change, they will resist it and revert to old ways of working. While organisations constantly evolve, conscious change needs to be carefully planned. Increase its chances of adoption through education, communication and cultural alignment.We help your people to accept, adapt and adopt change.

Organisational Design

Departments working in silos, processes falling down, duplicated effort or operational bottlenecks. Each little inefficiency has a commercial impact.Design an organisational structure that facilitates communication and allocates your resources better. Working with FiveRivers can help you enjoy an architecture that actively helps your employees toperform, in the right roles; a way of working that supports your business strategy and withstands changing conditions.We help you recognise any and all signs of organisational dysfunction, helping you to reimagine how things could work and engaging your people to embrace that change.

Culture Change

"How we do things around here" is integral to the success of any change programme. By targeting how your people think and behave at work, we create the cultural shift you need to complete your organisational change. Company culture is implicit and emotional, which makes it complex to change. That also makes it powerful. Organisations that manage to harness helpful behaviours in their people tend to perform better with less time, effort and cost. Make helpful behaviours a part of your organisational DNA.

Why Us?

HR strategy focused on the employee value proposition and experience

  • Employee experience creation based on digital experiences
  • HR technology and capability health check and maturity assessment
  • HR process improvement
  • Digital roadmap development

BaU HR capability support

  • HR skills assessment, upskilling and reskilling
  • People analytics and dashboard
  • Operating model design based on shared services and hybrid outsourcing and retained services
  • Transformation roadmap and implementation if required

HR technology strategy and roadmap

  • As is and to be technology assessment and review aligned with HR strategy
  • Business case development
  • Recommendations and roadmap
  • Vendor evaluation and selection

A business case developed

  • User experience focus to assess pain points
  • Clear vision and outcomes from technology investment for the business and HR strategy
  • Metrics and costs assessed and future benefits defined
  • Return on investment and value realisation aligned to solution

HR business change

  • Establish 4 pillars of good change management
  • Clear communication and training strategy
  • Engaged stakeholders and change leadership
  • Understand new ways of working, assess the change gap, business readiness and impact

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