Helping events management and hospitality with new manager training & development

Our events management client, who at the time had a small number of retained clients managing events across the UK facilitating conferences, meetings, sales and coordinating all the logistics that go with it. They were looking to expand their business into Europe and needed some of their employees to step up into managerial roles and lead teams to run their own events.

The client asked us to help to pull together a manager training programme to help build their leadership skills and confidence in what was a young and fairly inexperienced team. We agreed to carry out an initial assessment of what is needed, develop and deliver a training programme based on that assessment and help build a scorecard with the client that could be used to track how successful the training had been delivered and could be measured periodically over a few months afterwards.

The assessment covered a few interviews with the main client and with 3 of their existing managers so we could understand the client’s business and what they needed their other managers and future managers to do. This gave us a “skills audit” which we were able to use as a foundation for the training. The training was delivered over 5 days, in small groups, but to all their employees covering things like: emotional intelligence and resilience, communication skills, decision making and critical thinking, how to build teams and work collaboratively, how to give and receive feedback and support a culture of inclusivity and continuous improvement.

We also provided a scorecard of metrics to gauge their views of the training, gather feedback and observations, and performance indicators such as engagement, retention, and succession planning.

The client welcomed applications from their employees for manager roles and those that applied were successfully placed and managed their own events.

The client had approached us having sent in an RFP via the website. Our response to their needs demonstrated our HR consultancy experience. Having worked on similar projects with larger clients, we were able to use that knowledge to meet the client’s needs and offer solutions within their budget. We were able to give the client the confidence they needed that we could support them.

We developed a good working relationship with the client, and they were happy to provide testimonials at the end of the project.